The property was originally developed in the 1990’s as a nursery, café and hedge maze. It operated until 2009.

In the following years it had little maintenance and was left in a state of disrepair.

In 2015 we fell in love with the property and surrounding landscape, threw caution to the wind and became the proud owners.

Taming the maze was challenging. In fact it was so overgrown that defining the paths was a maze in itself.

We consulted arborists that suggested we cut down the maze and use it for mulch.

We were passionate about saving trees which formed the iconic maze. So we commenced the laborious task of pruning, watering, nurturing and replanting the sections that were beyond saving. After 3 years we have been rewarded with lush new shoots in areas. Although not green from top to toe it’s still fun to weave through the maze.

The maze requires pruning 3 to 4 times a year. It is pruned without a string line and precision is in the hands of the pruner.

The maze requires ongoing care and restoration.

We have a built two lookouts to get a bird’s eye view of the maze, gardens and surrounds.

Dogs are not permitted on the property.


Adults                              $14.50

Children (4-14)             $9.50

Concession                     $11

Garden only                    $5.50

Yearly Pass $150

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