Barrabool Maze Estate sits on 1.6 hectares near Ceres, West of Geelong, in a rainshadow created by the Otway Ranges, making it one of the state’s driest areas.

Our Estate relies solely on rainwater as the lake is spring fed and brackish.

The gardens are full of tough, beautiful plants that are suited to the harsh conditions of the Barrabool Hills.

Dry or not, the gardens draw on the principles of good design. The plants are arranged to make the most of foliage, flower and form.

Robust Australian plants mingle with hardy exotics.

Cacti and succulents make bold foliage features throughout the year and tough attractive roses and perennials bring seasonal interest to the gardens.

By combining a palette of fascinating and unique plants that have adapted to dry climate conditions we now have a garden that is both beautiful and practical.

An oasis that consumes virtually no water.


Garden Entry             $5

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